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Rain Gardens

Rejuvenation Artisans creates stormwater management solutions that are sustainable, economical, and beautiful. Rain gardens, downspout disconnects, rain barrels, & swale systems are some of the methods we use.

When it rains here in the Pacific Northwest, impressive amounts of water fall onto our land, reminding us that we are indeed living in a temperate rainforest region. In a natural environment, most of this rain water percolates into the soil, and is absorbed into the groundwater to be later joined into our rivers and streams, or is taken up by thirsty plant roots.

In our modern urban environment, rain water more often finds roofs, roads, driveways, and other impermeable surfaces before it has a chance to return to the earth. This surface water runoff then moves quickly along the path of least resistance.

How does rain water runoff effect your property?
Can it be beneficial to the landscape?

If not managed carefully, stormwater in our landscapes can become problematic, creating boggy areas in our gardens, pooling in our parking areas, seeping into our basements, and even damaging building foundations.

Our stormwater management systems mimic nature by allowing water to be effectively absorbed into the soil on your property, making it available to the plants in your landscape over a longer period. This helps landscapes to function more sustainably, needing less additional summer water. Our designs intelligently guide water away from building foundations and back into the earth, perhaps even storing some in a rain barrel along the way.

Plants are almost always an integral and necessary element in designing effective solutions for managing stormwater. Through expert plant selection and placement, plant roots can help prevent runoff by soaking up excess water, and add an invaluable element of beauty that serves a very functional purpose.

Disconnecting the flow from storm sewers and directing runoff to systems like landscaped planters and rain gardens reduces and filters stormwater runoff. Integrating stormwater management into building and site development can reduce the damaging effects of urbanization on rivers and streams.

Rejuvenation Artisans is a listed member of Environmental Services of the City of Portland's Stormwater Professional Referral List, and is certified by Portland BES Sustainable Stormwater Management Training

What does this mean? This is a program run by Environmental Services of the City of Portland dedicated to a Sustainable Approach to Stormwater Management.

What is the larger environmental concern in our area? Stormwater runoff in cities can pick up pollutants along the way as it flows over impervious surfaces, washing them into rivers and streams. Runoff can also cause flooding and erosion, destroy habitat and contribute to combined sewer overflows.

Portland has received international attention for its projects and designs in sustainable stormwater management, and Rejuvenation Artisans is proud to be part of that driving force in our efforts toward intelligent, forward-thinking landscape design.

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