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Rejuvenation Artisans is committed to using environmentally sustainable methodology in every garden we design, install, and maintain. Our methods are dictated by the most recent findings of top professionals in our field, and implemented by our own certified horticulturist and designer.

Our mission is to spread exquisite beauty, appreciation of the natural world, and strange surprises, by creating and maintaining gardens for people to enjoy. In so doing, we wish to assist plants in living healthy, happy lives, and clients in learning to better use and understand their gardens.

Our designs display an intense love of diversity; extraordinary plants are celebrated together with a tinge of mystery and delight. Reflections of the natural world are lovingly expressed in every one of our spectacular and ecologically intelligent designs. 

We encourage an organic approach so that all fruits, herbs, edible flowers, and foliage can be consumed. Likewise, pets, wildlife, and children are kept safe. Through the use of thick mulches, organic compost & fertilizers, early disease & pest control, and proper & timely pruning we can eliminate dependence on chemical fertilizers and sprays.

There are a great many wonderful plants that can thrive in our area with very little water! As part of our commitment to sustainability, our designs use water-wise plantings, and we encourage plantings that require little or no supplemental water. This reduces utility bills as well as the expense of installing and maintaining an irrigation system.

We also offer low-water lawn alternatives in our designs. We do not mow or install lawns, but if you like we will be happy to help you select an alternate choice that is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Part of conserving water is allowing natural rainwater to reach the ground directly, where it can benefit your plants and trees year-round. For this reason, we do not use impervious pavement such as concrete in our pathway and hardscape designs; instead we employ natural flagstone, permeable pavers, and crushed rock.

We also love to make stormwater an asset rather than a headache! See our Rain Garden page for more information.

Rain Garden

Rejuvenation Artisans is proud to be a Certified Eco-Biz:

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What is an Eco-Biz Certification?

The Landscape Services Eco-Logical Business Program is a certification that recognizes landscape design, installation and maintenance service contractors that reach the highest standards in environmental protection.

This program is sponsored by the Pollution Prevention Outreach Team (P20), a group of environmental impact experts from seven agencies in the Portland Metro area. The P20 Team is a cooperative group of local area jurisdictional staff from: City of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Metro, Clackamas County, City of Gresham, Clean Water Services and Washington County. The team includes planners and management experts in air pollution, hazardous materials, solid waste, surface water and wastewater disciplines. These groups have joined together to promote, enhance and implement comprehensive pollution prevention programs and materials. The Bureau of Environmental Services is the lead partner for the EcoBiz Landscaper program in Portland.


Rejuvenation Artisans is honored to carry a Platinum Certification as well as the recommendation of The Backyard Habitat Program:

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What is the Backyard Habitat Certification Program?

Audubon Society of Portland, The Columbia Land Trust, Friends of Tryon Creek, and Environmental Services for the City of Portland have all joined forces to create a new Backyard Habitat Certification Program.

This new collaborative effort was designed to provide technical assistance to small lot, private property owners to restore native wildlife habitat in their backyards. The program was launched in January 2009 within the City of Portland, and has now expanded to include Lake Oswego. The goals are to assist property owners through three levels of advanced habitat restoration. The program focuses on the removal of aggressive weeds, naturescaping with native plants, stormwater management and wildlife stewardship.

Rain Barrel

Rejuvenation Artisans is a listed member of Environmental Services of the City of Portland's: Stormwater Professional Referral List, and is certified by Portland BES Sustainable Stormwater Management Training

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What does this mean?

This is a program run by Environmental Services of the City of Portland dedicated to a Sustainable Approach to Stormwater Management.

When it rains, stormwater runoff that isn't properly managed can flow over impervious surfaces picking up pollutants along the way and washing them into rivers and streams.

Stormwater runoff can also cause flooding and erosion, destroy habitat and contribute to combined sewer overflows (CSOs). Stormwater management systems that mimic nature by integrating stormwater into building and site development can reduce the damaging effects of urbanization on rivers and streams. Disconnecting the flow from storm sewers and directing runoff to natural systems like landscaped planters, bioswales and rain gardens reduces and filters stormwater runoff.

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